Forza Cheats

forza cheats

Some Forza cheats for forza game lovers and hope you like this forza cheats.
This is Forza motorsport cheats:
Forza (first)

More Money:
Enter a new profile and input the following for the team name tEAm4za for 900 Million Credits.
Unlock All Cars And Instant Level 50:
Input nOsLiW as your profile name.
Infinite Money:
In career mode, purchase the Volkswagen Jetta GLX VR6 from the Volkswagen dealership. Next, head into the Garage and the Buy Upgrades screen. Enter the "Engine and Power" section and purchase every engine upgrade available except for the Engine Swap (that includes each individual turbo upgrade, each intercooler, etc.). When you've finally purchased every upgrade, you can then purchase the second engine that's available in the Engine Swap for 2,500 Cr.
After purchasing the new engine, re-install the stock engine. You can then sell the second engine that you purchased for 44,092 Cr (remember, you only paid 2,500 Cr for it) for a profit. You can then buy the engine again (for 2,500 Cr), install the stock engine again, and sell the new engine again for 44,092 Cr. You can repeat this trick to build up as much money as you want.

Forza 3 cheats :
Online Money Making GlitchBefore getting started with this cheat you'll need a some cash on hand, a cooperative online counterpart and private lobby.
1) Buy a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28.
2) Buy every engine available for that car.
3) Buy every part for every engine including every aspiration part.
4) Back out to the main menu so it will the engines and parts you purchased.
5) Head back to the engine purchase menu and sell every engine (DO NOT LEAVE THE ENGINE MENU).
6) Press your Xbox 360 button and join your friend's lobby.
7) Leave the lobby and quickly press B to back out to the title screen (the screen that says 'Press A to Start').
8) Go back to your engine purchase menu and you will still own all the engines and parts.
9) Repeat steps 5-8 for infinite engines you can sell for infinite cash.

That's some forza cheats.hope you like it..and enjoy it..