Xbox-Deadliest Warrior Realese Soon!

 Gamers,Deadliest Warrior will Realese Soon!

Fans of the show will be happy to hear that Deadliest Warrior: The Game will be released tomorrow, July 14th, on the Xbox Live Arcade Marketplace at a cost of 800 Microsoft Points ($10). Deadliest Warrior: The Game is the video game adaptation of Spike TV's popular television program Deadliest Warrior which pits two historical or modern warriors against each other in a fictional matchup to see who would win. Information is gathered on each of the warriors' weapons, armor, and fighting styles and is then used to determine which of them is the "deadliest" based upon scientific tests performed during each episode.

In the game, players will be able to recreate the battles of the show as well as have unique head-to-head duels to the death between warriors that have never faced each other before. The warriors in the game are largely based off the first season of Deadliest Warrior and are limited to the ancient warriors as modern warriors with automatic firearms such as a Green Beret probably wouldn't make for very exciting gameplay in a fighting video game. Warriors in the game from season one include the Apache, Knight, Ninja, Pirate, Samurai, Spartan, and Viking. The Roman Centurion from the second season of the show is also on the roster.

Each warrior has a variety of weapons that can be used at various distances though the pirate is the only one with a gun so it will be interesting to see how that was balanced with the other classes. The weapons inflict realistic damage and it is entirely possible to completely hack off your opponent's limbs or even decapitate them. As a result, some matches may only last a few seconds.

Currently, Deadliest Warrior: The Game will be available only on the Xbox 360 through the Xbox Live Arcade but a PSN version will be released in the future though no timetable has currently been set.

so...Get Ready ffor the Game ( Deadliest Warrior )