PES 2011 new features

Pes 2011 is the game's most awaited by lovers of football games, what's new with pes 2011??

Control system
Control the player on his character increasingly enhanced. Now gamers can control all movements such as kicking, dribbling, dribbling trick to opponent with great precision. Obviously the movement system can still be adjusted again

Stamina gauge
Gauge the stamina of the form 'level' is now more detail. Too often ran and carried the ball will reduce the stamina of the players in PES 2011.

Better defense
Defenders now have a better defense force with the movement which is so natural. Now they are not just chasing a ball into the area, but also attempted to steal the ball without making mistakes.

Animation diverse
In Konami's PES 2011 has been completely overhauled animation that will be issued each player. All movements are now seen more evident, Konami put Physics in this time

Play speed settings
With a new control in it, gamers can set their own how quickly he will play.

The faces of the players now have more updated than PES 2010. Konami has now include at least one thousand new animation based on real-life movement has been recorded for approximately 100 hours.

Tactics and Strategies
Regulation mechanism of tactics and strategy in PES 2011 is 'Drag & Drop'. Not only limited substitution settings and change players, this setting will also be given a short animation about potential strategies that will be used.

Online League
For the first time in the PES series, Konami gave Master League features that can be played online.

3D Support
PES 2011 also has brought the 3D technology that will make this game seem 'alive'. Use special glasses, so gamers will find three-dimensional display like on the big screen